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    Learn about Runli Machinery

    Quality is the life of the company to determine the quality

    Ruian Runli Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, the center of the private economic zone. It is a technology enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company has a team dedicated to food and pharmaceutical packaging machinery for more than 20 years. Focus on R&D and manufacturing of flexible packaging automatic packaging machine series.

    Runli people are committed to the introduction and accumulation of foreign packaging technology. We have always been aiming at high technology, high standards and high quality. We are constantly learning advanced, continuous innovation, R&D and manufacturing performance, leading technology, easy operation and easy maintenance. The fully automatic bag filling and...


    RunLiPackaging MachineryProduct

    Run packaging machinery products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.
    Multiple countries and regions.

    Professionalism and ability

    Runli provides customers with continuous packaging machinery manufacturing solutions with excellent technical experience and services to meet their individual needs.


    Product Categories

    • Bag packaging machine (single machine)Automatic canning bottle production line
    • Bag packaging machine seriesAutomatic vertical packaging machine series
    • Automatic vacuum packaging machine seriesProfessional customized automated production line

    Mr. Zhuo (Marketing Manager)
    Mobile: 18957700802

    Mr. Guo (Deputy General Manager)
    Mobile: 15381558288

    • Tel: 0577-65558958
    • Fax: 0577-65558919
    • Hotline: 400 850 5255
    • Mail box: wzrunli@163.com
    • Address: No.1, Yongding Road, Songjiatun Industrial Zone, Feiyun Street, Ruian City

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