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    Wenzhou Runli Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the famous historical and cultural city along the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province. It is known as "Xiao Zou Lu in the southeast" and the birthplace of the famous "Wenzhou Model" - Wenzhou. Here is China's largest packaging machinery production base, its products are all over the world. Strong information sources and customer base provide valuable basis for our innovation and development.

    The company is specialized in packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, scientific research, development, production, sales and service as one. Through CE certification and 9001 quality system certification, many patents have been obtained, and the national high-tech enterprise honorary certificate has been obtained.

    Runliren has been developing rapidly and steadily for the past ten years, devoting itself to the introduction and accumulation of advanced technology from abroad. Runliren has been aiming at high technology, high standards and high quality, constantly learning advanced, innovating, excellence in R&D and manufacturing performance, leading technology, easy operation and easy maintenance. It has complete functions, strong stability, and integrates automation into a full-automatic bag filling and packaging machine series.

    After years of exploration and accumulation in practice, at present, full-automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machines have been gradually developed for different markets, including pickle packaging machines, bean products packaging machines, egg products packaging machines, meat products packaging machines, nuts fried packaging machines and other series. The products sell well throughout the country, and are exported to Southeast Asia and China. East, Europe, Russia, Australia, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions.

    Runli people take passion and wisdom, develop national brand as their responsibility, keep the spirit of excellence, with inherent passion and vitality, look forward to the future, and make unremitting efforts to create an international packaging machinery enterprise with competitive advantages!

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    Mr. Zhuo (Marketing Manager)
    Mobile: 18957700802

    Mr. Guo (Deputy General Manager)
    Mobile: 15381558288

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