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    Automatic cans bottle packaging production line

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    I. Overview:

    The packaging production line is suitable for automatic canning and cap labeling of granular materials such as nuts, candied fruit and melon seeds. The production line is fully automatic from the bottle, automatic metering and filling, sealing and easy to pull the lid, pressing the plastic cover, and labeling the output products, which greatly saves manpower and improves production efficiency. According to the user's needs, it can also be equipped with a coding mechanism.

    This production line consists of the following parts: 1. Bottle unscrambler

    2, combination scale

    3, rotating positioning feeding

    4, capping machine

    5, automatic capping machine

    6, capping machine

    7, round bottle labeling machine

    8, the work platform

    9, the bucket hoist

    Second, the packaging production line performance characteristics:

    1. It is specially used for product weighing, sealing, sealing and labeling.

    2. Effectively improve the packaging structure, making solid and liquid products easy to use and beautifully packaged.

    3. In the front section, the empty tank is used, the middle part is used for weighing and feeding, sealing, and the latter part is end of labeling.

    4. The automatic canning bottle line solves the shortcomings of the old-fashioned manual canning mechanism bottle, unsmooth sealing, inaccurate feeding, improper labeling, etc., and saves labor and improves productivity.

    Third, the packaging production line technical parameters:

    Voltage specification: AC380V/AC220V 50/60HZ

    Power consumption: 5.5W / hour

    Weighing speed: 20-70 bottles / min (depending on bottle size and capacity)

    Sealing speed: 10-60 bottles / minute (depending on the single or multiple columns of equipment)

    Capping speed: 10-60 bottles / minute (depending on the single or multiple columns of equipment)

    Labeling speed: 10-100 bottles / minute (depending on bottle size or label length)

    Applicable container range: 20-2000 g (can be customized according to specific requirements)

    Dimensions: 8000*4600*3600mm

    V. Introduction of each component of the packaging production line

    1, bottle unscrambler

    The bottle unscrambler disperses the plastic bottle in a messy condition and regularly arranges the bottle neatly on the conveyor belt and transfers it to other machines for the next process (such as filling, labeling, packing, etc.). To improve the production efficiency of the entire production line.

    2, combination scale (1.6L)

    1) Suitable for weighing packaging of granules, flakes and strips of candy, melon seeds, biscuits, nuts, puffed food, pet food, frozen food, metal plastic parts, etc.

    2) Convenient operation, configuration factory parameter setting recovery function;

    3) It is simple and convenient to control the system surface with touch screen man-machine interface;

    4) Safe and clean, IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, 304 stainless steel material to ensure food hygiene and safety;

    5) Several hoppers combined into the target weight can be set to be sequentially unloaded, which effectively solves the problem of clogging of the bulk material;

    6) The perfect combination of high precision and high speed, through computer calculation, the optimal combination is selected from the instant combination of rich combination;

    7) Powerful data statistics function, automatically record the total weight, total package number, pass rate and other indicators of each batch of production;

    8) Implement weighing mode and counting mode to meet your multi-level needs (optional).

    9) The aggregate processing system with “automatic sorting” and “one for two” functions can directly eliminate the unqualified products and directly process the discharge signals from the two packaging machines.

    10) Technical parameters:


    Through the positioning conveyor belt, the bottle can be positioned to the material of the combination weighing device. Positioning is accurate to avoid material falling outside the tank.

    4, RL-100FB automatic sealing machine

    1) The product is suitable for the sealing of various round specifications cans such as tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, plastic cans and paper cans. Reliable quality, easy to operate and light, it is an ideal equipment for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and so on. This machine has two pairs (four) of the seam sealing wheel, and the canned body is fixed and fully automatic sealing equipment. A variety of round cans of different specifications can be sealed by replacing the corresponding can-shaped fittings such as the indenter die. Therefore, the machine has the characteristics of high production capacity, wide application range, high degree of automation, convenient adjustment and operation, and reliable use. Suitable for use as a production line for canning lines.

    2) Can lid joint control device: when there is a can body entering, the can lid is correspondingly provided, and without the can, there is no cover;

    3) "No cover roll seal": When the can body that is not assigned to the can lid enters, it can pass through the sealing mechanism smoothly, so that the can body does not bite the indenter mold and damage the parts of the sealing mechanism;

    4) The main machine and the conveyor belt motor are independently steplessly regulated, the structure is simple, and the operation and maintenance are convenient;

    5) The outer cover and main parts are made of 304 stainless steel to meet the food and drug hygiene requirements.

    6) Technical parameters:

    Number of cans1
    Production capacity25-30Tank/minute
    AdaptationCan diameterφ52.5-φ99mm (Special specifications)Tank height 50-170mm (Special specifications)
    Three phase380V 50/60HZ

    5, automatic capping machine

    Separating the loose and messy caps by vibration and friction and conveying them to the capping machine

    6, soft cover capping machine

    The main body of the whole machine has a stainless steel structure, which is easy to operate. This machine is suitable for all kinds of soft plastic covers. There is no special requirement for the nature of the cover. It is integrated into the cover and the gland. The plastic cover with different specifications and the mold adjustment equipment are easy to operate.

    7、 圓瓶貼標機

    (1) This equipment is used for labeling round bottles or cylindrical objects.

    (2) Power-type synchronous tension control supply label, the supply is stable and fast, ensuring the speed of labeling and labeling accuracy.

    (3) The splitting mechanism uses the synchronous sponge wheel for stepless speed regulation, and the splitting pitch can be arbitrarily set.

    The label synchronization positioning mechanism has a label positioning error of plus or minus 0.5 mm.

    4) Manual man-machine interface, easy to operate, anyone can easily operate and use this device quickly.

    (5) Multi-point emergency stop button, which can be installed at the appropriate position on the production line to make the connection operation safe and smooth.

    (6) The label peeling distance can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is suitable for labels of different lengths and debugging, and is convenient to use.

    (7) Technical parameters

    Voltage specification: AC220V 50/60HZ

    Power consumption: 0.75KW

    Labeling speed: 0-200 bottles / min (according to the length of the label)

    Labeling accuracy: plus or minus 1mm (except for bottle and label itself)

    Applicable container range: outer diameter 20-110mm, height 30-200mm

    (Special specifications are customized according to specific requirements)

    Applicable label range: width 20-120mm, length 20-300mm

    (Special specifications are customized according to specific requirements)

    Maximum label supply: diameter 380mm, paper roll inner diameter 76mm

    Sticker parameters:

    Backing paper: 62 grams of white glassine paper is required. The paper is dense and has good internal strength and transparency, which is firm and not easy to be torn. Die cutting performance is excellent.

    Basic weight: 62g/m2±5% Thickness: 55μm±5%

    Tensile resistance: Machine direction: 16kg/25mm Horizontal: 7kg/25mm

    Tear resistance: Machine direction: 25 g / piece Horizontal: 31 g / piece

    Transparency: 52% Label spacing: 3-4mm ± 0.2mm

    The upper and lower sides of the label are spaced from the top and bottom of the bottom paper: 2mm

    (8) Work platform:

    Material: stainless steel, non-slip surface, bracket combination scale and convenient personnel maintenance


    1) Scope of application: Suitable for vertical lifting of granular materials in various industries such as grain, food, medicine, feed and chemical industry. It can be combined with computer combination and packaging machine to quantitative automatic packaging system, widely used in food packaging industry. The fully automatic bucket elevator hopper is made of food grade plastic PP, which is safe and hygienic. The automatic control of the automatic feeding and stopping is realized by the control circuit and the material level control. The height of the automatic bucket elevator can be customized according to customer requirements.

    2) All racks are made of 304# stainless steel, so it is especially suitable for food industry protection and is highly safe.

    3. The hopper is made of food grade plastic polypropylene PP, which is safe and sanitary and easy to disassemble.

    4. The device is realized by the control circuit and the level control

    5. Automated feeding and stopping automation.

    6. Equipment failure rate is extremely low.

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