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    Weighing bag automatic granule packing machine

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    Main features:

    One-piece weighing packaging design: Microcomputer scale and packaging machine operate in unison, increasing the speed of weighing packaging

    High precision, small target weighing: Choose the best combination, high precision and high speed combination.

    Simple high-speed operation: Microcomputer control, touch screen display, easy operation and maintenance.

    Simple space: The unique one-piece weighing packaging design greatly reduces the height of the machine and saves space.

    Precise positioning: servo-controlled film, accurate positioning of the film; automatic tracking of the electric eye, accurate positioning of the trademark.

    Fast return on investment: The cost of raw materials and labor is largely saved.

    The main function:

    Sub-material weighing, filling, film pulling, bag making, sealing, metering, printing, coding, punching and other packaging assistance

    Application range:

    Suitable for packaging all kinds of loose solid materials, such as potato chips, casseroles and other puffed foods, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and other large shell nuts, candy, melon seeds, lovers plum, peanuts, nuts, chocolate and other snack foods, pet food, Quantitative weighing of various granular, block, and spherical materials such as small hardware.

    Model KL-420-1

    Display 10.4" touch screen

    Number of scales 10 heads

    Weighing bucket capacity 1.0L

    Scale material 304 stainless steel (a = flat, b = pattern)

    Single quantitative weight 10~500g

    Maximum quantitative weight 1000g

    Quantitative accuracy ± 0.3 ~ 1.5g

    Maximum film width 420mm

    Bag width 60~200mm

    Bag length 50~300mm

    Packaging film material composite film (special materials made)

    Film driving method Servo motor

    Horizontal seal drive mode

    Compressed air consumption 0.3M3 /min, 0.6Mpa

    Maximum packaging speed *60 packs / minute

    Power 4kw

    Voltage frequency 220v 50/60HZ (choose one)

    Net weight / gross weight 500kg/600kg

    Package size (length × width × height) 1556 × 1366 × 2078

    *Description: The actual weighing and packaging speed should be based on product characteristics.

    Specific confirmation of various factors such as bag size, packaging material and filling speed

    After-sales clause

    Pre-sales advice

    1. Provide appropriate advice and support for the update of your current production equipment;

    2. Introduce the Runli products that you are interested in and make recommendations for your purchase plan;

    3. To evaluate your current business model and production management, recommend a device that is most suitable for your company's production.

    4. Please choose our sales manager according to your region, and professionally serve you.

    Machine installation

    For customers who purchase new machines, during the period of installation and commissioning training prescribed by our company, our company can arrange engineers (engineers' wages and factory-to-domestic airport expenses are borne by our company) to install machines and train machine operators for customers. The time is 8 hours a day; free warranty for one year, lifetime maintenance.

    After sales service

    Training of operators on the equipment sold:

    (1) Train the normal operation procedures of the equipment.

    (2) Training on the routine maintenance of equipment.

    (3) Training on the introduction and solution of equipment after-sales service.

    (4) Inform the equipment after-sales service content and contact information. Accessories supply guarantee: 1 year warranty period free spare parts supply, super warranty period lifetime accessories paid supply.

    (5) National 24-hour after-sales hotline provides telephone consultation service Manager Xu: 0577-65558958, 153 8155 1588

    (6) Equipment emergency fault video solution. (Requires user-supplied video system and equipment) Our technicians analyze video problems and call the customer's technicians to solve the problems encountered.

    (7) Provide online FAQs

    Ruian Runli Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Address: No. 9 Yuandong Road, Feiyun Street, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province

    Mobile: Mr. Guo: 153 8155 8288

    Phone: 0577-65558958

    Fax: 0577-65558919

    Website: http://www.wzrunli.com

    Email: wzrunli@163.com

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    Mr. Zhuo (Marketing Manager)
    Mobile: 18957700802

    Mr. Guo (Deputy General Manager)
    Mobile: 15381558288

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